Thursday, September 22, 2011


Back in January 2011 I wrote a follow-up to my original post in August 2010 describing how anemic LinkedIn's Facebook Fan Page 'Likes' stats were, especially given their claim of 75 Million members. At the time, only 30,000 people (out of 75 Million) took the time (1 second) to 'Like' the company on the world's largest social network. A statistical improbability given the nature of their business (social media) and the industry standard ratio of 4-10% (Likes vs. Users). LinkedIn's ratio is currently .000675%. That's 6 ten-thousandths of one percent...

Is it me, or is something not adding up?
Fast forward 9 months, the company continues to claim ridiculous growth rates (1 million new members per week) for a total of 120 Million users worldwide. Yet, months after the pre and post IPO hype machine and 50 million new users, LinkedIn's total 'Like's' increased by only 50,000 for a total of 81,000. To put this number in perspective, LinkedIn's Likeability rests somewhere between that asshole Spencer Pratt (voted one of the top 5 most hated people in America) and British Petroleum.
To me, this can only mean one of two things.
  1. LinkedIn isn't giving their users anything to 'Like'
  2. LinkedIn isn't being honest about how many users they really have.
Check out these comparisons of LinkedIn vs. other leading Internet properties:
LinkedIn = 81,000 'Likes' (0.000675% 'Like' ratio)
  • Google = 4 Million Likes
  • Twitter = 4 Million Likes (200 Million users = 2% 'Like' ratio)
  • Foursquare = 700,000 Likes (10 Million users = 7% 'Like' ratio)
  • Google+ = 200,000 Likes already (launched in July 2011)
  • Groupon = 1.5 Million Likes
Believe what you want... but one things for certain... there's apparently not much to 'Like' about LInKEdIn. :)


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