Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pro's vs. Joe's

Earlier this week I decided to change the name of our upgraded membership level from Platinum to PRO+. Over the years, I've always wanted to integrate more sports themes into our marketing. With a name like Fast Pitch there are literally hundreds of directions we can go with sports themed marketing. However, I've always been hesitant for fear of confusing our members (not everyone watches baseball or softball and knows the lingo). Plus, it's hard enough educating our members on all of the new social media / web 2.0 phrases being tossed around anyway. There's no sense in adding another layer of confusion to the thought process, right?

The decision to use a sports theme for our upgraded level of membership is two-fold:
  1. PRO is about as powerful a term as there is to describe someone's role in a profession. Whether it's describing a career in sports or a person selling insurance, we all want to be considered a pro, right?
  2. The opposite of being a Pro is being an Average 'Joe'. This is a perfect yet subtle way to differentiate between members who are serious about Fast Pitch and those who perhaps aren't.
So, PRO+ it is...
For those of you not familiar, the PRO+ membership is now our only upgraded level of membership. If you're not a PRO+ member, you are what we call a 'Basic' member. Basic members cannot access any of our premium features and they receive minimal exposure across the network.
About 25% of our total membership population have become PRO+ members at one time or another. PRO+ members typically spend far more time using the network (obviously) and connecting to one another. So much so that they've become their own community within the community... reaping all of the benefits of the increased exposure and opportunity provided with PRO+ membership.
There's competition happening on our network. It's Pro's vs. Joe's... and much like the t.v. show, the Pro's are winning.