Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This week many of you should begin receiving at least one (if not more) micro newsletters from Fast Pitch. The new micro newsletters focus on a specific feature offered on the Fast Pitch network. Which newsletter(s) you receive is largely dependent upon what you have been doing on our network over the past few months. For example, if you've signed up to use our Fast Pitch MAIL tool, you should be receiving an e-newsletter that currently offers some basic tips for how to create an effective email marketing newsletter for your business.

Unlike the more general newsletter you have been receiving over the years, these micro newsletters are meant to be concise and informational in nature. We're tapping into our collective experience here at Fast Pitch headquarters each week and passing that knowledge on to you free of charge!

In addition to these new micro newsletters, we will continue to send out our traditional weekly newsletter which provides you with the typical headline announcing a new feature or promotion as well as localized content highlighting new members in your region, relevant press releases, events, and more.

Lastly, if you are a Platinum Member and have an interest in becoming a 'Guest Author' on any of our newsletters, email us at info@fastpitchnetworking.com. We're always interested in providing quality content in return for the exposure it can bring you!



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