Monday, July 11, 2011

Fast Pitch Turns 5!

This month, Fast Pitch officially turns five years old.
Unlike years past, this particular 'birthday' is bittersweet as many small businesses (our primary clientele) have struggled to stay afloat during some challenging economic times. Although we're excited to have made it to year five (most small businesses fail within the first two years) we're conscious of the fact that many of you are trying to figure out how to make it to month five.
Much like many large businesses and governments around the world, you too are looking for ways to cut costs and 'keep the lights on'. We're aware of this... which is why we've decided to extend our $49 Annual Platinum Membership Special for another month. Although it's our birthday, we've decided to extend the gift to you!
Consider what a $49 Annual Membership means:
For less than $5 per month (there's that number '5' again)... we've estimated that you will save your business $500+ per month ($6,000 per year). For example, did you know that prior to joining Fast Pitch, most Fast Pitch Platinum members used to spend...
  1. $50 per month on email marketing (e.g. Constant Contact)
  2. $300 per month on SEO with a local SEO firm
  3. $200 per month on press distribution (e.g. PR Web)
  4. $50 per month for online networking (e.g. LinkedIn)
Now, with a Fast Pitch Platinum Membership thousands of businesses around the world are saving hundreds of dollars each month by using our one-stop-shop to do all of these things (and more) for less than $5.
Help us... Help your business... reach its next birthday!
Become a Platinum Member and start saving.

Oh, and congratulations to the Fast Pitch staff... and to all of our members who have been with us since 2006! Here's to the next five years...



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