Thursday, July 21, 2011

1 Million Emails!

Today, our new Fast Pitch MAIL tool delivered it's 1 millionth email. That's an impressive milestone considering we just went live with the feature a little over 1 month ago. Currently Fast Pitch MAIL has a few hundred Fast Pitch members actively using the tool - which allows you to Create, Send and Track your own email marketing campaigns for free as part of your Platinum Membership on Fast Pitch.
The response to the product from members has been nothing short of positive. Below are some of the testimonials we've already received:
  1. "Fast Pitch MAIL is a very intuitive product even for new email marketers like myself."

  2. "Fast Pitch MAIL is free with my membership? Time to cancel my account with ____Contact!"

  3. "The support team did a great job helping me create my first campaign. Everything from importing my lists to creating my newsletter template."
Now what will be really cool is... 1 Billion Emails!


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