Thursday, May 19, 2011

Press Distribution Pricing: How It Works

One of the more common questions asked about Fast Pitch is how our press distribution pricing works. It's real simple:
  • Basic Members - Can post unlimited press releases to your profile ONLY.
    Basic Membership is Free.

  • Platinum Members - Have all of your press releases promoted throughout the network and optimized for Google. Post unlimited releases and see who visits your press release. Add video to your press release.
    Platinum Membership costs $10 per month and includes all of the other benefits including: unlimited networking, SEO boost for profile and content, free email marketing, and more.

  • Distributed Press - All of the advantages of Platinum Membership AND Have each press release sent to 20 media outlets, 50,000 members, and have it featured on our Facebook and Twitter Pages for a day.
    Cost is $35 per press release.
Now, compare those pricing options to what you would spend posting a single press release on a press distribution website such as PR Web (click here). As you'll see, with PR Web you pay over $100 per press release and receive less benefit than what you receive for posting unlimited press releases on Fast Pitch each month.
Best of all, as a social (professional) network, Fast Pitch provides you with an actual audience of readers who are guaranteed to view your press release (isn't that the point???). PR Web is a 'wire' service whose press releases quite frankly get ignored by 99.999% of the media outlets they supposedly 'wire' your release to.
If you don't believe me, post a release on PR Web, pay the $100 and let me know how that works out for you. :)
Good Luck!