Friday, March 25, 2011

Two and a Half Men

Let me start by saying in full disclosure that I have never watched a single episode of Two and a Half Men... but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to ride the coat tails of Charlie Sheen to get Fast Pitch! some nice SEO pop from this blog title... :)
For these next few blog posts, I plan to shed some long overdue insight into what makes Fast Pitch! tick. Everything from the history of the company to our corporate make-up, our day to day operations (i.e. who does what), our office culture, our business processes (i.e. how we do what we do), and more. We may even throw in some video for a change. My hope is that many of you involved in start-ups will find motivation through our David vs. Goliath story.
For example, many of you will be surprised to hear that Fast Pitch! has been around since 2006, has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, and is owned and operated by just two and a half men (that's about 997.5 less people than our largest competitor employs).
What you may also be surprised to know is that we've been profitable for over five years now and are 100% self-funded (that's exactly $103 Million less funding than our largest competitor). Or, that we operate out of a creative / technology incubator called The Hub which is not located in Silicon Valley but rather Sarasota, FL (that's exactly 2,917 miles from our largest competitor).
Wait a minute. Back up. Did I just say, "Fast Pitch! is owned and operated by only Two and a Half Men?"
Yes. That's not a typo. Fast Pitch! is owned and operated by just two full time people and one part-time contractor (he's the half- man). The Two Men include co-founders Bill Jula (that's me) and Rich Swier (he's the guy with the amazing hair in the picture above). Between the two of us, we're responsible for every line of code you see (or don't see), every marketing campaign, every demonstration, every financial transaction... you name it. We do it.
The half man is part-time contractor Bob Poole (pictured center) who primarily serves on the front-line for Fast Pitch!, helping thousands of members worldwide learn how to use social media to grow their business while also managing customer support issues related to the network. Bob is also proficient in all aspects of our industry leading press distribution service, email marketing tool, search optimization features, and more. In reality, Bob is anything but a 'half-man' (interpret that how you would like Bob :)
So there you have it. As the 3rd largest online business network in the world, Fast Pitch! is #Winning with just two and a half men.


Up Next: Fast Pitch! On Auto Pilot - A look at what's behind the curtain and how we do what we do with so little...


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