Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Back in August I wrote a blog about how unusual I thought it was that LinkedIn had 75 million members worldwide, but only 16,506 Fans on Facebook. In other words, less than 2 ten thousandths of a percent of their members claim to have 'Liked' the company (0.00022008%).
To put those numbers in perspective, I compared LinkedIn's Facebook Fan Base to some other popular Internet websites. For example, at the time... YouTube, Google, and Bing all had over 1.5 Million Fans. Twitter and Wikipedia both had over 400,000 Fans. Even BP (a non-tech company with a whole lot of negative press) had more Fans than LinkedIn with over 40,000. Again, LinkedIn (a social network) had only 16,506 Fans...
So after five months, surely things have improved, right?
After tons of press about enormous growth (15 million members added since August), billion dollar valuations and talk of going public... I'm excited to announce that LinkedIn has added a whopping 15,598 new Fans since August... for a total of 32,003.
Yep, that's 3 ten thousandths of a percent of LinkedIn members now 'Like' them on Facebook (0.0003555888%). Coincidentally, I did notice they added about 10,000 of those 15,598 Fans within two weeks of my previous blog. I guess if all thousand of their employees got the memo and asked 10 friends... :)
Now, to remain fair to LinkedIn, we should also re-visit our comparison chart to see how those other companies are doing.
  • YouTube = 23.5 million new Fans added since August (25 million)
  • Google = 1 million new Fans added since August (2.5 million)
  • Twitter = 1.2 million Fans added since August (1.6 million)
  • Wikipedia = 160,000 Fans added since August (560,000)
So, while LinkedIn is to be commended for doubling its fan base... it still managed to add 1,184,000 less Fans than Twitter... and 23,484,000 less Fans than YouTube.
Is it me or is something not adding up?