Monday, December 13, 2010

Make Your Pitch in 140 Characters

Fast Pitch! just added a cool new feature to our profile. It's called the TwitPitch! - and it's a great way for our members to send out a concise message about what makes their business great. Similar in concept to Twitter, the TwitPitch! sits along the top of the profile and allows members to quickly tell the world about their business in 140 characters or less. Additionally, the TwitPitch! can be easily shared across each members Facebook and Twitter accounts - allowing them to quickly tell followers and friends about their business. Each members TwitPitch! can also be changed or updated at any time.

Creating a TwitPitch! is also a great exercise in helping members formulate their 'pitch' and forces them to think creatively about how to grab people's attention. TheTwitPitch! also provides members with another way to add keywords to their profile which will ultimately get indexed and become searchable on Google. This is particularly useful for our Platinum Members who receive our industry leading search optimization service as part of their membership.

To create your TwitPitch! simply login to your profile.



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