Friday, November 12, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Yesterday I took some time to look over some of our newest members profiles. A few years ago when we first launched Fast Pitch! I made it a habit of doing this regularly as a way of understanding who was joining us. However finding the time to do this these days has became more and more difficult as we continue to grow at a faster pace. Also, we eventually got smart and built some nice reporting features that give me pretty good snapshot of who our newest members are at any given moment.
In any event, as I went through a few new member profiles yesterday, I was surprised to see how many people were failing to include their physical location of their place of business (i.e. address) to their profile. By default, we force everyone who joins the network to provide us with their zipcode, but we make completing their address optional. We do this in order to make the initial sign-up process as painless as possible.
That being said, all of our members should take the extra few seconds to type in their street address. Not only does it help other members inside of Fast Pitch! have an easier time searching for your business, but as people outside of Fast Pitch! come across your profile from Google, they too have an easier time locating your business (particularly if they are actually typing in your address) Think about it - your address is a set of very important keywords!
Good Luck!


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