Friday, November 05, 2010

Fast Pitch! Vanity URL's - Get Them While They're Hot

Now you can secure your own personal URL for your Fast Pitch! profile. Every member of Fast Pitch! can choose at least one URL extension for their profile such as their name (e.g., company name, or a variation of both. Premium and Platinum Members can also choose a second URL as part of their membership - which gives them an extra opportunity improve their SEO (Search Rankings). Vanity URL's are a great way to improve SEO for your business because they include the exact wording that most people might type when searching for you or your business.
As people search either your name, company name, or variations of keywords describing your business - there is a better chance of your profile being ranked higher if those words are listed as the extension to your Vanity URL. Also, having a concise Vanity URL such as, is a great link to add to your Facebook Profile, email signature, blogs and more. Login now and secure your Vanity URL before someone else does... and watch as your Google Rankings improve each week. Login Now >>



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