Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fast Pitch! Takes It's First Bite of the Apple

Yesterday, we went live with our first version of the Fast Pitch! iPhone application. For now, the application is fairly basic - allowing you to showcase your latest press releases (Platinum Members), and providing you with direct access the latest announcements coming from Fast Pitch! We've also made it easy for you to access your account via the website with the click of a button.
Version 1 gave us an opportunity to learn more about developing for the iPhone and the process of getting things approved. Moving forward, we will continue to add more functionality to the application such as the ability to access your current network, managing your inbox, and updating your profile. Much like our current Android application, we will make it simple to communicate with the people you are already connected to. Beyond that, look for some effective location based networking functionality to reach the application in 2011.
To download the application, search the App Store for 'Fast Pitch Network'
Good Luck!


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