Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Business Network (Official Trailer)

If you haven't seen The Social Network by now... go see it. On so many levels, the story parallels our lives here at Fast Pitch! (minus the women, the drugs, the success, the money... :) There are especially strong comparisons to Facebook's early days of Mark Zuckerberg writing code in a 200 sq. foot dorm room to our first year (2006) housed in a cramped 200 sq. foot office.
Man, I wish we would have video recorded those early days. The excitement we all felt when we went live, when our first member joined, when we rolled out a new feature, or when our first member actually paid us to join! What were we selling again? :)
Yesterday I thought I'd have a little fun and create our own Fast Pitch! movie trailer titled, 'The Business Network'. Unfortunately I couldn't convince Justin Timberlake to play the role of me on short notice (he needs more time to gain about 100 pounds)... So, I decided to keep the trailer simple and use screenshots of some of the features that make Fast Pitch! unique (similar to what The Social Network does in their own trailer).
You'll notice that my trailer ends a bit different than The Social Network. Instead of in-fighting and lawsuits between the founders of Facebook, the founders of The Business Network are happy and seen working closely together (see picture of myself and Rich Swier Jr. below).
If you look close enough, you'll see a bunch of paper hanging on the wall behind us. Those papers are print outs of our first paid members' orders (our goal was to fill all four walls of that 200 sq. foot office with orders before considering a move to bigger and better digs). Pretty cool, huh?
Not much has changed since. Rich and I still work about 5 feet away from each other and have yet to issue one another a subpoena. In many ways, I like our version of the movie trailer better.
Although, the billion dollar valuation wouldn't hurt. :)


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