Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fast Pitch! Now Headquartered In Canada

Just kidding...
For the rest of this week, I'm vacationing (and working) in Vancouver, Canada en route to Seattle, WA. This is my first time to either city and I'm really looking forward to the next 10 days. I've been joking with everyone back in Florida that I may not come back. After my first 24 hours here (in Vancouver), that's closer to being true. I've already got my eye on a condo in the Coal Harbour area (see Update below). Just don't tell my wife that to make it happen we'll be living in 200 sq ft. :)

What a cool city (literally). The weather here right now is nothing short of amazing. Coming from the constant steam bath that is Florida, I'm blown away by seeing white caps on the surrounding mountains (although I'm sure I'd also be blown away in February when it's 20 degrees).

Right now I'm working across the street from our hotel at a Blenz Coffee. I swear the average age of the people walking by is 30. Or maybe they're all 50 and I'm just used to being around senior citizens in Florida. In any case, it's definitely a nice change of pace.

That's all for now. I only have a short window of opportunity to get some work done, and then it's off to more sightseeing. More to come...



Update: Yaletown is giving Coal Harbour a run for it's money. I guess whichever area has the best deal on a massively reduced short-sale wins. :)


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