Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pay To Play

Any of you who have been reading my blog over the past few years will know, it's been rare that I ever link to other content. I usually try to do my best to come up with my own words, advice, updates, etc... Even though I'm probably not the most articulate person to be writing a blog - at least I try.

In doing so, I've developed a pet peeve of sorts. I find myself getting annoyed by people who almost exclusively re-post other people's content and rarely ever come up with an original thought. Lately, it seems like re-posts have become 30% of my Facebook feed (the other 60% is equally divided among Farmville updates and housewives letting me know little Johnny has a fever - no offense, I know they're not meant for me :)

Well, I'm about to become one of those 30% (at least for 1 post).

In light of today's announcement by Ning to end their free social networking service in favor of a Fast Pitch-esque 'pay to play' business model (it only took $120 million in VC money and 220 employees for Ning to figure out what we've known for 4 years :)... I've decided to re-post someone else's relevant content in order to get my own point across.

The content I'm 'stealing' is a presentation from a year ago by Ruby on Rails creator David Heinmeir Hansson. In my opinion, the 30 minute presentation is a must watch for anyone trying to build a realistic and profitable business. In particular, for those of us involved in the Internet / Social Media industry, David does an amazing job of telling it like it is... and quite frankly, describes Fast Pitch! almost to a 'T'.

In short, 'pay-to-play' on the Internet is here to stay - which is a good thing (see my 'original' post on this topic here >>) First Fast Pitch... now Ning... Up Next: Facebook. Get ready...



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