Friday, April 30, 2010

Question of the Week

Each week our support team fields hundreds of questions from members asking how to use our network. Questions typically range from the very basic (i.e. how to change a password) to something more complex such as how to import a custom HTML template into our 3Step Contact email marketing tool. Regardless of the nature of the question, our guys (and girls) always take the time to reply with a customized answer for each member.

To take some of the burden off our staff and offer a more proactive way to educate our members, we will begin featuring a "Question of the Week" on each members homepage. The featured question (and answer) will be determined by our support team and posted each Friday. Our hope is that by placing some of these more common questions front and center (as opposed to having them buried within an FAQ section or our Fast Pitch! Manual), we will make it even easier for our members to learn and benefit from our services.

We're also in the process of creating a series of 30-second videos designed to answer many of these same questions. Each of these videos will be embedded throughout Fast Pitch! to make learning even more convenient. The videos will feature Fast Pitch! employees and undoubtedly make learning Fast Pitch! even more enjoyable.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pay To Play

Any of you who have been reading my blog over the past few years will know, it's been rare that I ever link to other content. I usually try to do my best to come up with my own words, advice, updates, etc... Even though I'm probably not the most articulate person to be writing a blog - at least I try.

In doing so, I've developed a pet peeve of sorts. I find myself getting annoyed by people who almost exclusively re-post other people's content and rarely ever come up with an original thought. Lately, it seems like re-posts have become 30% of my Facebook feed (the other 60% is equally divided among Farmville updates and housewives letting me know little Johnny has a fever - no offense, I know they're not meant for me :)

Well, I'm about to become one of those 30% (at least for 1 post).

In light of today's announcement by Ning to end their free social networking service in favor of a Fast Pitch-esque 'pay to play' business model (it only took $120 million in VC money and 220 employees for Ning to figure out what we've known for 4 years :)... I've decided to re-post someone else's relevant content in order to get my own point across.

The content I'm 'stealing' is a presentation from a year ago by Ruby on Rails creator David Heinmeir Hansson. In my opinion, the 30 minute presentation is a must watch for anyone trying to build a realistic and profitable business. In particular, for those of us involved in the Internet / Social Media industry, David does an amazing job of telling it like it is... and quite frankly, describes Fast Pitch! almost to a 'T'.

In short, 'pay-to-play' on the Internet is here to stay - which is a good thing (see my 'original' post on this topic here >>) First Fast Pitch... now Ning... Up Next: Facebook. Get ready...