Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ride Our Coattails

Despite very little promotion on our part, Fast Pitch! has already amassed almost 2,500 Facebook Fans and over 6,000 Twitter Followers in less than 9 months. Although this is less than 1% of our total membership base, the fact that we’ve reached these numbers in a short amount of time (with literally no marketing), is intriguing. So much so, that I’m now committed to dedicating additional resources to our Facebook campaign, in the hopes that we will reach 5,000 Facebook Fans by June (I’m less concerned about Twitter – for our purposes, I'm still not a big fan :).

So what does this mean for you? More Visibility. Let me explain.

Unlike most company Fan pages that lock down communication among their Fans, ours is an open forum designed to help our Fans promote their business. We allow you to post information about your business, make comments to others, share videos, photos and more. In other words, rather than us using our Fan Page as a propaganda machine for our own benefit, we view the Fan Page as another place where our members can do business.

Here’s where it gets better… Fast Pitch! not only lets you promote your business, but we will do it for you! Here’s how it works:

Each time we (Fast Pitch!) post something to the Fast Pitch! Fan Page Wall on Facebook, the post is automatically added to the feed of all of our Fans (when you post yourself, it is only added to the Wall, not the feed). By having us do it for you, your content automatically shows up on the homepage of each Fan’s feed when they login. As of now, that’s 2,500 people potentially viewing your profile, reading your press and more. Also, we’ve integrated our Facebook feed to our Twitter account – which sends these updates to our 6,000 Twitter Followers too. This gives you another added ‘boost’ in visibility.

So what type of content will we post on your behalf?
  1. Your Profile. When you become a Platinum Member of Fast Pitch! we automatically post a link to your profile and introduce you to our Facebook Fans. I liken this to being introduced on stage at a very large conference.

  2. Your Press Releases. When you choose our $55 Total Press Package, we will now post a link to the press release on our Facebook Fan Page. This is in addition to the direct distribution to all of our members Fast Pitch! Inboxes, the 20 media outlets you can send to, submission to Google News, Inclusion of photo and video, and more… Don’t expect to find this on PR Web :)

  3. Your Blog Articles. Similar to our press package, with this $45 blog package we will post a link to your blog article on our Facebook Fan Page. Again, this is in addition to all of the other distribution benefits already offered with our Blog Distribution Package.

  4. Your Facebook Fan Page. For $45 we will promote your Facebook Fan Page to our Fans. What makes this a great option is that 100% of the people learning about your Fan Page are obviously already on Facebook – making it real easy for them to become a Fan of yours! In addition to highlighting your Fan Page on our Fan Page, we also distribute a link to your Fan Page directly to Fast Pitch! members.

  5. Your Twitter Page. For $25 we will promote your Twitter Page to our Fans. Again, this is in addition to distributing your Twitter Page internally to our Fast Pitch! members on Fast Pitch!

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