Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Our Own Minor League Ballpark

In the spirit of Spring Training having just started here along Florida’s Gulf Coast – with small, minor league ballparks buzzing with enthusiasm… I’m excited to announce that Fast Pitch! has opened the doors to its own minor league ballpark (i.e. a new satellite office) in Bradenton, FL!

The new Fast Pitch! office is designed to accommodate a few of our employees who live in north Manatee County (just south of St. Petersburg and Tampa). For these employees, the new office collectively shaves off about 3 hours worth of drive time each day. Our hope is that in addition to making life less hectic for these employees, we can turn these 3 hours into more productivity for Fast Pitch! as well. Do the math… that’s potentially 700 more hours of brainstorming, creativity, customer support, and marketing per year! Not a bad investment.

The new office is different than our larger Sarasota, FL based office located at The Hub. Whereas The Hub is more of a technology ‘commune’ – a warehouse inhabited by 5-10 different companies, sound studios, green screens and more… the new office has more of a corporate feel to it – yet very unique in it’s own right. Located along Old Main Street in downtown Bradenton in Jennings Arcade – the new office is housed in a refurbished retail space couched between a coffee shop and an Italian restaurant (two of my favorite things).

Old Main Street has a poor man’s Ybor City feel to it (for those of you not from Tampa Bay… Ybor City is a lot like Bourbon Street). We’re also sandwiched between a Cigar Bar, an Irish Bar, and a large Pub that is a favorite among the locals. Directly across from us is another coffee shop, a fish market and two cafes. Needless to say, we’ll always be alert (caffeine) and will never go hungry. There’s also something about watching the foot traffic happening outside of our windows that brings a degree of energy into the office.

Although the primary intent of the new space is to house Fast Pitch!, like the Hub, the new space will also be used to grow additional projects (mostly tech-related). In fact, the space is already being used by 2 other aspiring social media companies, and an amateur basketball league. Based on the demand for this type of synergy among entrepreneurs in the region (I’ve already had discussions with other local entrepreneurs about collaborating within the space), my guess is we’ll be leasing a larger office upstairs in the coming months.

To watch the development of our new Minor League office you can watch a live play-by-play on our new office cam (Click Here - then look to the right-hand side of our blog layout)



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