Monday, March 08, 2010

Facebook Fans From Fast Pitch!

Say that (Blog Title) 3x...

Facebook Fan Pages are one way in which Facebook can help your business (and brand) have a business related 'conversation' within their social network. For large established brands with huge marketing budgets, Fan Pages can have a real impact on their ability to mobilize people to take action (i.e. purchase, refer, etc...).
However, the current frenzy surrounding Facebook Fan Pages among small businesses reminds me of the early days of blogging... in which everyone spent countless hours creating an account and updating... but failed to pay attention to the most important step along the way - marketing. Just like a blog needs readers... for your Fan Page to have an impact, it needs, well... Fans.

With nearly 400 million members, the opportunity for word of mouth to spread across the platform is obviously intriguing. However, because Facebook is such a 'social' environment, getting people to mobilize around your small business can be difficult unless the Fan base already has a business mindset. Just try getting your old college drinking buddies excited about talking about your insurance business and you will see what I mean.

To help our members attract more professionals to their Fan Page(s) and less 'friends', we've created a new Facebook Inbox Promotion. The service is designed to create awareness among Fast Pitch! members about your Fan Page. To make this happen, we send out a link to your Fan Page to targeted members on your behalf inviting them to view your page. Once they click your Fan Page link, it's up to you to convince them to become a Fan. We can lead a horse to water...

The advantage to having more Fans is obvious... it gives you the ability to communicate your message to more people - which hopefully gets them to take some action with you (i.e. purchase, refer, etc...).

If you're looking to leverage Fast Pitch! to boost your Fan Page, consider the new Facebook Inbox Promo. For a 1x cost of $45, it's a lot less expensive (and more targeted) than running ads on Facebook. To learn more visit:



Anonymous Clint Wilson said...

I really love this approach to FB marketing as we have used word of mouth on FB to drive all our projects to us at

Cheer and congrats on the new space!


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