Thursday, February 04, 2010

Open All Night

This month, Fast Pitch! is allowing all of our members (regardless of their membership level) the ability to make UNLIMITED CONNECTIONS for FREE! No membership is required. To my knowledge, during this month we'll be the only online business network in the world that will allow members to make connections for free.

Our hope is that by opening up our system, we're able to help our members grow their network faster, ultimately resulting in more new business happening around the world. Think of this as our version of a stimulus package :)

Normally, in order to begin making connections to people you do not already know, we require you to be a Premium or Platinum Member. Premium Members can make 10 new connections each month while Platinum Members have free reign to make an unlimited number of connection attempts. In additon to being able to make connections, our upgraded members are provided with a number of additional marketing features including: 1) highest ranking on all searches 2) top ranking on Google 3) the ability to post press and get featured on Google News 4) see who visits your profile 5) ability to create, send and track email newsletters, and more... In other words, there's still reason to upgrade!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and start searching for other members to do business with. To begin, we suggest the following:

1). Search for your 'MATCHES'. These are people Fast Pitch! has identified as likely to do business with you based on what you (and they) buy and sell. Note: In order for this feature to work, you must complete your profile in its entirety.

2). Search LOCALLY. Most people do business with people in their own backyard. Visit our Search Local page - where we've taken the work out of searching and automatically bring these people to you.

3). Search by INDUSTRY. Look for people who do business in the industries you typically sell into.

4). Search for people with COMMON ASSOCIATIONS. Most people don't realize that Fast Pitch! has built the largest directory of associations in the world (i.e. chambers, non-profits, leads groups, etc.) into our system. Quickly locate other people who are part of the same organizations as you!

Start Connecting!



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