Monday, January 11, 2010

I Feel Like Rocky

Since April 2009, we've run Fast Pitch! out of The Hub - a technology and creative incubator located in the Rosemary District in downtown Sarasota, FL. Since opening its doors, The Hub has been the home to about 10 different companies and projects all of which have brought new energy and creativity to the area. The building that houses The Hub is a 5,000 square foot warehouse that now has moveable walls, a cyc wall (green screen video studio), a sound studio, and a number of work stations. On any given day there's about 15 people in The Hub brainstorming ideas, sharing resources and well... making things happen. That is until today.

Despite the heater running for 6 hours, the temperature inside The Hub hasn't cracked 52 degrees - making it feel like a meat locker. You see, The Hub has no insulation. With concrete floors and brick walls, there's little chance for the heat to gain any momentum. Seven hours after arriving this morning, most of us have decided to call it quits and seek out a warmer environment. Keep in mind, The Hub doesn't have this problem 360 days out of the year. Florida rarely gets this cold.

I'll be honest, I'm trying to tough it out. Wrapped in three layers of clothes, with frozen hands and frost coming off my mouth, it's become a personal challenge to see whether I can withstand these conditions. I mean really? Have I become so "soft" over the years that I can't sit in front of a computer for a few hours and type? Sure my hands are frozen, my nose dripping and teeth chattering... but things could be worse. As CEO of the largest company housed here in The Hub, what kind of example am I setting if I get up and leave?

As I take pause to think about the point I'm trying to make with this blog post (I'm not exactly sure yet), I realize that The Hub is empty. I'm the last man standing. The cold conditions have completely thwarted all energy and creativity this place once had. Everyone has left for warmer pastures - namely a local coffee shop down the road with warm coffee and free Wi-Fi.

Fast Forward 15 minutes...

I caved. I'm no Rocky. Sitting here in a warm coffee shop with everyone else is what I should have been doing since 8:00 AM this morning. Which brings me to my point (it just hit me).

Sometimes in business it makes more sense to adapt to the conditions around you rather than trying to fight them. For those of you refusing to embrace social media as a way to market your business... you'll soon find yourself alone in a world full of connected people doing business in warm coffee shops. :)

And come to think of it, didn't Rocky lose that first fight anyway?



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