Monday, November 23, 2009

Making Sense of the Social Web for Business

I am excited to announce my involvement in a new project called, 'Social Webinars' - which is comprised of a group of social media experts who have come together to offer a series of web demonstrations designed to provide insight into using social media to promote a business. Throughout the month of December I will be facilitating a variety of webinars across a number of subjects including:
  • How To Email Market Effectively
  • How To Use Social Networks to Market a Business
  • How To Use Live Streaming Video To Promote a Business
  • How To Leverage Facebook to Market a Business
  • How Social Media Can Help Your SEO
  • How to Facilitate Your Own Webinar
  • And More...

What I really like about the webinars is their lack of 'fluff' and how much practical information is offered within a short amount of time (typically less than 45 minutes). Also, the cost to attend each webinar is competitively priced at only $20 per event. To put this pricing in perspective, I've seen webinars of this caliber (or less) offered for as much as $300+ per event.

The team at Social Webinars plans to offer at least 15 webinars each month - with the first series of webinars beginning next month (December 3rd to be exact). Additionally, Social Webinars has created a certification process that will certify anyone who successfully attends a minium of 5 events. Certified experts are provided with a customized certification badge and a listing in the 'expert' directory on the website.

For more information about signing up for an upcoming webinar visit:



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