Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Great to Be (a) LIVE...

The new Fast Pitch! is up!

Take a look:

In fact, we're sending out announcements to all of our members as we speak - giving them the opportunity to be the first to experience the new look and feel of the site, as well as some of the enhancements we've made to our industry leading networking and marketing features.

Here's a brief look at what we've done so far (with more to come!):
  • More Dynamic Profile
  • Better Integration with Social Media
  • Ability to Send Messages to your Entire Network
  • Improved Match-Making
  • Ability to Create a Watch List for Hot Leads
  • Send Direct Mail to Your Network
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Enahnced Search Capabilities

One of the first things you'll notice is just how easy it is to navigate the network. In short, we've reduced the number of clicks it takes to get things done. Whether you're updating your profile, looking for ideal people to network with, chat live, send email newsletters, or post and share content... you're most likely only one click away!

For those of you who are uncomfortable with change... we will be offering a series of 'How To' webinars in the coming weeks to help everyone become more familiar with how to maximize your time on the network and how it can help you grow your business. Keep an eye out for those dates and times.

In the meantime, login and 'kick the tires'... Update your profile, make a few connections, add some content about your business and more. Start making your 'pitch' to the world... faster than ever!


Monday, October 19, 2009

It's The Final Countdown...

For those of you who read my post from a few weeks ago (A Sneak Peak...), you'll be happy to know that our development team is in the final stages of officially launching the new and improved Fast Pitch! - which will add even more new networking and marketing features than we originally anticipated.

The process of updating our layout and functionality have spawned a host of new ideas that will lead to a more meaningful networking experience with a host of tools designed to help you manage the way you communicate to your network and the overall network at-large. In short, the slight delay is well worth the wait...

Thanks to everyone for your patience. Now... let the countdown begin...


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hot Off The Press!

Over the past few weeks, many of you have received a gift in your mailbox courtesy of Fast Pitch! That gift, for those of you who may not have received one just yet, is a 50+ page Fast Pitch! Pocket Guide. The Pocket Guide is a clear, concise paperback book designed to educate our users on using social media to market their business more effectively.

The idea for the Fast Pitch! Pocket Guide came about for two primary reasons:

1. We're the first social network in the world to do it.
Ask yourself, when is the last time an Internet company took the time to send you something tangible (and of value), while asking nothing in return? My guess is never.

2. We're giving our users an alternative way to learn about social media.
Call me old-fashioned but, there's still something about reading an actual book that has it's appeal. Having the ability to flip through pages on my own terms without being bombarded by millions of pixels is actually becoming more of an attractive option these days. My guess is our typical user (average age 40), shares that same feeling.

As of today, over 5,000 Pocket Guides have been mailed out to some of our more recent and active users. Additionally, we're partnering with speakers, and business organizations who are interested in using the Pocket Guides at upcoming events.
  • If you haven't received your Free Fast Pitch! Pocket Guide or would like to request Multiple Pocket Guides CLICK HERE >>

  • If you are an advertiser and have an interest in gaining additional exposure to Fast Pitch! members by advertising in the Pocket Guide CLICK HERE >>