Thursday, September 10, 2009

Approaching 1,000 Fans on Facebook.

We launched a Facebook Fan Page for Fast Pitch! a few weeks ago. Within a few weeks we've already had almost 1,000 members become Fans. In fact, at the time of writing this, we're sitting on 999! Become Fan #1,000 and win a one-year Platinum Membership valued at $168 per year.

Quick... Add yourself!

Currently, we are using the Fan Page to highlight some (not all) of our latest Platinum Members who join Fast Pitch! on a daily basis. Being featured on this Fan Page is a great way to make an introduction to the Fast Pitch! community and bring your business instant exposure. In fact, your featured listing is also posted on our Twitter page which currently has about 7,000 Followers and growing.

Note: in order to be considered for a listing on our Fan Page Wall you must become a Platinum Member, complete your profile AND have a professional headshot.

On a completely separate note... We've been working overtime these past few weeks and plan to unveil some new features, etc. We're excited.

Stay Tuned!


UPDATE: That didn't take long (less than 1 minute after this blog post)!
Congratulations Mike Grandelli of Rose & Womble Realty in Virginia Beach, VA for becoming the 1,000th Fan! Mike just won an annual Platinum Membership to Fast Pitch!

Help us reach our goal of 2,000 Fans before September 30th. Spread the Word!


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