Monday, August 10, 2009

Fast Pitch! Turned 3!

Happy belated birthday Fast Pitch!

I woke up this morning in cold sweats realizing that we forgot to celebrate our 3rd birthday in June. Funny thing is, nobody here at the office managed to remember it either.

This reminds me of that 80's movie Sixteen Candles where everyone forgets Molly Ringwald's 16th birthday because they are preocupied with her sisters wedding. In our case it's been a series of summer events happening in our own office that led to the distraction.

Fast Pitch! is the anchor tenant of the new HuB Incubator here in Sarasota, FL. The HuB is a destination for entrepreneurs, artists and professionals to connect and share ideas.
Founded by a group of entrepreneurs the goal of The HuB is to bring a new energy to the creative-class here locally to help transform our city socially, economically and politically.

Over the past three months, The HuB and Fast Pitch! have been involved in launching a new music festival (Vinyl Music Festival), two events aimed at promoting local artists (s/ART/q), the launch of three new technology companies, an exciting new amateur basketball league (Gulf Coast ABA), and a series of non-profit initiatives as well. All this, combined with the continued growth of Fast Pitch! and the demands placed on all of us to service hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide (we've seen our new member growth continue to increase despite the summer months and a lagging economy)... and I think I understand why the birthday came and went.

In 10 more months, we'll be turning 4! Something tells me it will be here before we know it...