Thursday, July 09, 2009

Virtual Tradeshows... Coming to a City Near You!

Over a year ago we launched our popular Live Chat feature to give our members the ability to have real-time conversations with other members. Up until recently however, the feature has been somewhat void of structure causing some chat requests to go unnoticed or simply ignored oftentimes due to a perceived lack of relevance by the recipient of the message.

In an effort to create more context for our members we've now created individual event pages (Virtual Tradeshows) based around fifteen larger metropolitan areas where Fast Pitch! has a significant following (view a sample here). The goal is to have Fast Pitch members login at a specified day and time with the primary intent of networking with everyone else logging into the event page (not too dissimilar from an in-person tradeshow). All of these initial events are scheduled at various times on July 29th and can be found in our events section.

Unbeknownst to most of you, we tested the Virtual Tradeshow event concept a few months ago (May and June) here locally (Tampa Bay). For each event, we created a customized Live Chat page which featured only those members from around the Bay Area who RSVP'd to the event and logged in to Fast Pitch! that morning. Both events proved to be quite successful. Here are some interesting statistics we were able to capture:

April 29, 2009
Total Attendees = 102
Highest # Concurrent Conversations = 71
Average # Concurrent Conversations = 34

May 28, 2009
Total Attendees = 87
Highest # Concurrent Conversations = 58
Average # Concurrent Conversations = 26

The advantages to these Virtual Tradeshow events compared to in-person networking events are pretty obvious: 1) Less Time 2) No Driving 3) No Event Fee 4) No Traffic 5) No Gas Expense 6) No Parking Fees 7) No Marketing Expenses, 8) No Need to Leave the Office, and so on...

Initially, these events will last about one-hour and will be FREE to all Fast Pitch! members. Additionally, each event page will provide unique visibility for sponsoring companies who wish to promote themselves in a variety of ways including: banner advertising, a live streaming video header with chat functionality, pre-recorded videos and more. For a short demonstration about what it means to sponsor these Virtual Tradeshow events, email us at: info@fastpitchnetworking.comor call 888-327-8025.

For more information about all of the upcoming events on July 29th visit:

To watch a short video tutorial on how to take part in a Virtual Tradeshow visit:



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