Monday, June 08, 2009

Putting Twitter Into Context

Twitter, the micro-blogging platform that allows you to update your status and tell people what you are doing at a moment in time, is all the rave these days. Millions of people are setting up 'profiles' and blurting out announcements to anyone who will listen. In fact, the Twitter platform has witnessed the largest growth in traffic of any Internet property in recent months due to the simplicity of the concept... and mainstream media coverage.

As with most social media tools, Twitter in its current form seems to offer large companies the best opportunity for marketing by allowing them to leverage their existing customers (fans, viewers, etc.) to drive word of mouth. In some cases, these larger companies are also using Twitter as customer support to diffuse negative situations as they arise.

On a micro level, Twitter may offer a similar opportunity for smaller businesses who are looking for an inexpensive way to market virally as well. The difference however, is that most smaller businesses lack the marketing budget to attract a qualified following. In fact...

The average Twitter account has less than 10 Followers.

Fast Pitch! hopes to change all that. Much like with our Blog Promotion feature, we recently launched a Twitter Directory promoting our members business related Tweets. In fact, in just a few short days, over 1,000 Fast Pitch! members have already linked their Twitter accounts to their Fast Pitch! Profiles, quite possibly making the Fast Pitch! Twitter Directory...
one of the largest 'Twitter for Business' applications on the Internet!

What makes our Twitter integration feature so powerful is that it puts your Twitter account into context by helping to drive a business audience to Follow your updates. These are people with real spending power who can act on your messages. Additionally, our Twitter Directory essentially filters much of the 'noise' happening on by allowing you to search for Tweets in a business context.

Linking your Twitter account is dead simple. Enter your Twitter login credentials into Fast Pitch! and hit 'Save'. Once completed, all of your future Tweets will automatically populate your profile and our Twitter Directory. Additionally, other Fast Pitch! members are only one click away from being able to Follow your account. Lastly, any status update you add to Fast Pitch! will automatically be added to your Twitter feed... proving once again, Fast Pitch! is a one-stop-shop for business networking and marketing!

Finally, for those members who are interested in maximizing the Fast Pitch! audience to grow their Twitter Following, we offer a Twitter Inbox Promotion for $25. With this inbox promotion we will send your Twitter Account to the inbox of our most active 50,000 members encouraging them to Follow you.
You can't Tweet that!