Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fast Pitch! Featured in the Bible

The Social Networking Bible that is...

Yesterday, a UPS driver showed up at our office with a package from publishing company John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Inside the package was a book titled, "The Social Media Bible" which consists of over 800 pages of 'Tactics, Tools & Strategies for Business Success'. In short, the book is an amazing compilation of everything happening in the world of social media and social networking.

Nine months earlier...

I received a call from a gentleman named Lon Safko requesting to interview me for a 'little' project he was working on involving social media. Despite having never heard of Lon, I agreed to the interview. My initial understanding was that he was creating a poor man's 'Social Media for Dummies' type of book, complete with transcribed interviews highlighting various 'experts' within the social media industry. I was to be one of those 'experts'.

At the time, I remember Lon doing an outstanding job with the interview. His ability to convey a genuine interest in my responses made for a thought-provoking conversation that gave me the freedom to offer additional insights that went way beyond the originial question.

Fast-Forward nine months, 40 interviews and thousands of hours of writing later... The Social Media Bible is now a reality. Boy was my perception way off... It's 'Social Media for Dummies' on steroids.

Now that I've seen the finished product, I can't thank Lon enough for including Fast Pitch! in the project. It's truly an honor to be one of only 11 other social networks Lon and his team profiled throughout the 800 pages of information. Additionally, I'm personally appreciative for the opportunity to be one of 40 'Experts' featured alongside some 'heavy hitters' in the industry including: Vint Cerf (Founding Father of the Inernet), Jimmy Wales (Founder, Wikipedia), Biz Stone (Founder, Twitter), Robert Scoble, and others...

It's also great to see Fast Pitch! take center stage alongside billion dollar media darlings like Facebook, Myspace and Bebo.

For anyone interested in learning more about this evolving, fast-paced industry, I strongly recommend picking up a copy of the book online or at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders. The book is incredibly thorough, very well-organized and loaded with tips and tactics everyone in business should be aware of. Your ROI on your investment in this book (it's only $29.95) is guaranteed to be high.

Oh... and be sure to check out the 12 pages featuring Fast Pitch!



Blogger Lon said...

Bill, thank you for the most heartfelt blog I've ever read! You were one of the first interviews I did for The Social Media Bible. You were so sincere, helpful, and encouraging, and have such an exciting offering, that you gave me the confidence that I could do nearly 50 (24 continuous hours) of CEO interviews. I am proud to see you in a list of your peers. Thank you for being an important part of the biggest project of my career and for contributing so much! Lon

2:45 PM  

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