Friday, May 15, 2009

Answers 2.0

Last night we completely overhauled our Forums feature and re-launched it as Fast Pitch! Answers. It's something we've talked about doing for about a year... but have continued to put on the back burner until we came up with a way to add a more valuable 'twist' to what the market (and other networks) already offer. We think we've come up with the, well... Answer.
One of the things that has always made Fast Pitch! unique is our layer of intelligence that leverages our users content to make reccomendations about who should be connecting to whom. For example, on our profile our users have the ability to tell the world who they are trying to connect to (ideal customers, ideal partners, etc). Our system uses that information to make an educated recommendation to each member about who they should be connecting to. This maximizes each users time on the network when looking to make new connections.

Similarly, our new Answers feature allows our users to ask business-related questions on the network to capitalize on the collective intelligence of the entire community in order to make more educated decisions involving topics such as technology, finance, law, marketing & sales and more.

What takes our Answers feature to the next level is (once again) our ability to leverage the information found on profiles across the entire network to make recommendations about who might provide you with an Answer... faster. To accomplish this, the network leverages information found on each profile such as location, industry type, company position and more. More importantly, the network examines all of the Tags (Keywords) found on the profiles and within the question being asked. The more Tags added by members... and the more specific the Tags... the more exact the matches will be.

Another really powerful feature is our members ability to see which recommended professionals are online at the very moment the question is being asked. This allows the person asking the question to possibly find an answer in real-time. Or, the person posting the question can take a more passive approach and wait to receive email alerts from Fast Pitch! each time a question gets answered.

Additionally, our algorithm (ranking system) gives our paid subscribers additional visibility by ranking their profiles higher than non-members throughout the section. Ultimately the community will also have the ability to determine which Platinum Members are providing the best Answers overtime through our rating system... which will highlight those members as 'Experts' throughout the system.

For now, every member can ask and answer a question. To gain more visibility within the recommendation box it's a good idea to become a member... and obviously the more time you take answering questions, the more visibility you will receive throughout this section of the network.

To begin leveraging the intelligence of the Fast Pitch! community and/or showcasing your expertise, visit:

If you have questions... well... visit Answers!



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