Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Virtual Success

Yesterday we held the first LOCAL Virtual Tradeshow Event on Fast Pitch! as business people from around the Tampa Bay area (specifically Sarasota, FL) were provided with a custom tradeshow link that showcased only local members. The idea for the event was to create some structure around the popular Virtual Tradeshow feature by encouraging people to login at a specified day and time... and to really focus on making connections locally. Prior to this, the Virtual Tradeshow feature has been somewhat of a 'free for all' as people login all hours of the day from all over the world without a specific agenda.

By all accounts, the first localized event was a big success as over 100 people logged in to the customized Sarasota, FL Virtual Tradeshow page between 9:30 - 10:30 AM. At one point, there were over 70 concurrent conversations happening at once. Some power networkers later informed me that they had up to 5 conversations at the same time Try doing that at an in-person tradeshow! When it was all said and done...

We estimated that nearly 500 conversations took place in 1 hour

As most of you know, the intent of our Virtual Tradeshow feature is to give our users a more instantaneous way to communicate (i.e. network) with one another. Each members' profile serves as their 'tradeshow booth' by allowing other members the ability to quickly learn about what they have to offer. In many respects, a completed Fast Pitch! profile is a far more effective marketing piece than anything that might be placed on a traditional tradeshow table. Especially if the profile includes social media such as video, podcasts, press releases, blog articles, photos, and more...
Once someone has reviewed your profile and has an interest in communicating, they can initiate a CHAT using Instant Message or Two-Way Video (assuming they have a camera and microphone installed). Oftentimes, the initial conversation serves as an easy introduction which can ultimately lead to an in-person meeting in the future.

The advantages to the Virtual Tradeshow should be obvious: 1) Less Time 2) No Driving 3) No Event Fee 4) No Traffic 5) No Gas Expense 6) No Parking Fees 7) No Marketing Expenses, 8) No Need to Leave the Office, and so on...

Needless to say, we'll be organizing additional Local Virtual Tradeshows in the coming months in select test markets where Fast Pitch! has significant market penetration to ensure a quality turnout. In the meantime, make yourself more familiar with the power of the Virtual Tradeshow feature here:

Stay Tuned...



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