Monday, March 09, 2009

A Handful of new 'How To' Videos Just Added...

Last week we added 5 new 'How To' videos to our tutorial library bringing our total videos to 15. The video tutorials are meant to provide a brief 1-2 minute overview for members to learn how to use specific features on the network including:

Overview of Fast Pitch!
How to Navigate
Why Post Press
How To Post Press
Distributing Press
Create & Embed Video
Search Optimization (SEO)
Importing Your Blog
Distributing Your Blog
Creating and RSS Feed

New Videos...
Why Upgrade?
Virtual Tradeshow
Adding Networks
Email Marketing
How To Use 3Step

In addition to hosting these videos on our 'How To' page, we have scattered them throughout the network on each of the individual Feature page(s). Our hope is that these videos will help you become more familiar with not only HOW to use these features, but more importantly, WHY you should be using them.

Stay tuned as we continue to add more features (and videos) in the coming weeks.



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