Monday, March 30, 2009

1,000 Twitter Followers and Counting...

About two weeks ago I realized that we had never really made a push to generate a following on Twitter. Although we have given our members the ability to sync all of their Fast Pitch! activity with their existing Twitter account (which is pretty cool)... we have never done much in the way of promoting our own Twitter account. In fact, I'll be honest... we haven't paid much attention to Twitter at all.

Two weeks ago I added a small box on our side navigation that allows our members to Follow Us on Twitter. At the time I think we had about 200 followers - mostly people that I would imagine had stumbled upon our account by chance while searching Twitter.

Yesterday we reached a milestone of sorts, having surpassed the 1,000 Follower mark. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to follow us. Hopefully we can provide everyone with some useful insights into the world social media and a behind the scenes look at what's happening here at Fast Pitch!

If you haven't Followed Us yet, click here to start!

Okay... Now I have to go Tweet this.


UPDATE (May 18, 2009)
We now have over 3,200 Followers.  That's almost 1,500 new followers since March 30th (30 new followers added per day)!


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