Thursday, February 19, 2009

Event Management

Last week we added a new twist to our Event Marketing feature that allows attendees who are Fast Pitch! members to indicate to the event host whether they will be attending an event. Nothing groundbreaking... but a cool feature nevertheless for those of us who promote events and want to have an idea about turnout... as well as potential attendees who might be lured into attending an event by being able to see who else is going. Additionally, the feature sends alerts to the event host each time someone RSVP's... and allows them (as usual) to quickly learn more about the person by viewing their FP profile.

For now, payments for events will continue to be managed by the event hosts themselves using their own RSVP link that serves as a gateway into their payment option (online credit card, pay at the door, etc...). Ultimately I can forsee a time when Fast Pitch! plays a roll in handling payment for our members... however, until we figure out the best way to manage such a feature we will leave it in the hands of our members.

While I'm on the topic of events... I can't help but reiterate the power of our Event Inbox Promotion Package as a way to drive turnout. For those of you unaware of the package... for $29.95 per event can send an event announcement directly to the Fast Pitch! Inbox of thousands of other members based on geography, inudstry type and more.

For the price, I honestly can't think of a better way to promote an event to increase turnout... especially with people you may not already know. To take advantage of this feature, simply post your event and follow the instructions during the checkout process.

Good Luck!



Blogger Hector Herrera said...

Thanks for the valuable information. I don't deal with events but is good to know that such system is available. I need to study it because someone else might need it.
I am a new member of Pitch so I am still learning.
Best regards

Hector Herrera

7:58 AM  

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