Friday, January 30, 2009

Sarasota Valley?

This morning I had the privilege of announcing the unveiling of an exciting new project to over 500 of Sarasota County's top business leaders and politicians. The project (called the Regional Business Resource Center of the Florida Gulf Coast) involves a 3-part technology initiative spearheaded by the regions 10 local chambers of commerce and funded by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice. The goal of the RBRC is to offer every business in the area unlimited access to a localized, co-branded Fast Pitch! community to encourage local buying and selling.

To say I'm proud of this region for taking these bold steps in bringing Fast Pitch! to the masses is an understatement. The support of the areas top brass coupled with backing from the local media will put Sarasota County on the map as the first metropolitan area of it's size to leverage an existing social networking community to encourage local buying and selling. Simply stated, Sarasota County has the potential to become the most hyper-connected region in the world. The goal in many ways is to make this one of the 'flattest' places to do business by allowing everyone to connect and market their business online without restriction.

Not even Silicon Valley has a vision as bold!

Officially launched this morning, the co-branded online community powered by Fast Pitch! can be found at The current URL serves as a local gateway into the much larger Fast Pitch! platform comprised of existing professionals from around the globe who are already actively networking and marketing their business in a variety of ways including virtual tradeshows, press distribution, blog promotion, email marketing and search optimization all built within the package offered to area businesses.

As local businesses login to the RBRC branded community, the experience is localized and relevant to the region and includes local connection recommendations, local press, local events, blog articles, videos and more. As the RBRC continues to integrate content from a variety of resources and business leaders, the ability to communicate to the masses everything from political discussions to economic agendas to public service announcements should also begin to weave itself into the fabric of conversation within the overall network... making the RBRC / Fast Pitch! community the ultimate audience for generating word of mouth.
Sarasota County... where new business opportunities are now only 1 degree away.



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