Thursday, January 22, 2009

People You Should Know

Yesterday we added a somewhat new feature to our platform that makes a recommendation about who you should be connecting with. I say 'somewhat' new feature because it's something we offered in email format about a year ago but decided to remove after realizing people were being inundated and overwhelmed with ironically enough, too many opportunities.

Our new format is a more passive approach that allows you to manage these 'leads' on your own terms. Now, when you login to your account you are presented with up to six other professionals our system has determined to be good connections for your business. You have the ability to quickly reach out to these people, or simply ignore them until new opportunities come along.

Each of these recommended profiles are served up with a degree of artificial intelligence by revealing only those profiles that meet most of the following criteria:
  • The member has stated in their profile that they plan to purchase from your industry.
  • The member works in an industry that you typically sell into or partner with.
  • The member lives in close proximity to you.
  • The member is active and logs into their account frequently.
  • The member shares common connections with you.

Fast Pitch! analyzes every profile in our system and makes these recommendations according to how closely they match of these criteria. Profiles presented to you are then organized according to the strength of their relevance to your business as well as their membership level (Premium and Platinum Members are guaranteed more visibility on everyone elses's listings).

Our goal with this feature is to streamline your networking efforts by quickly presenting you with new opportunities each and every time you login to your account. Time is money... being able to make intelligent connections, FAST, can help keep your sales pipeline full of new opportunities forever.

Good Luck!



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