Monday, December 15, 2008

Where's Bill and Rich?

When my business partner Rich and I first launched Fast Pitch! a couple of years ago, we ran the company out of a 'subsidized' 10' x 10' windowless room. Although the space worked great for us at the time (it was perfect for constant brainstorming sessions, etc), we knew early on that we were destined for bigger and better things. It was only a matter of time.

Before we could pack up and move, there were a few milestones we needed to reach like, um... a little thing called revenue. However, rather than focusing exclusively on money as the primary motivating factor for leaving, we decided to make a game of it. Instead, we did something unusual.

We printed every order and taped them to our walls. We would not leave that office until every square inch of it was covered with paper.

Needless to say, the decor was unique. Imagine thousands of of 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper greeting you each day as you walked in the door to your office. No windows, no paintings... just paper... everywhere... with black and white print. It was enough to motivate us and make us lose our mind all at once.

Fortunately the former came first. Just when it felt like the walls were closing in on us (literally), we posted our final order to the bottom corner of the back wall in early 2007. Moments after our final order was posted, the now 'infamous founders' picture of our big accomplishment was taken using a Blackberry Pearl.

To commemorate the 2 1/2 year anniverary of that big day (and a recent birthday), I received one of the coolest gifts from Rich, who had the founders picture rendered into a

30" x 24" mosaic comprised of over 15,000
Fast Pitch! member headshots and logos.

What makes this mosaic so great is that many of our member headshots that make up this rendering were a part of the original picture (albeit as pieces of paper hanging behind us on our walls!).

Take a moment to click and enlarge the image (right) and begin looking for your headshot or logo. If you find it, send us an email with approximate coordinates of where to find you and we will enter you to win an Apple iPhone. Also, the first person to locate myself and Rich will automatically receive a $100 gift card to Office Depot!

Good Luck!



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