Friday, October 03, 2008

Town Hall Webinars

In the spirit of this election season, Fast Pitch! is re-launching our 'How To Use Fast Pitch!' webinar series this October as a 'Town Hall' style event designed to be less formal and more conversational than in previous months. The goal of these intimate webinars (less than 15 attendees at a time) is to give users the freedom to ask a Fast Pitch! expert specific questions about any topic related to not only Fast Pitch! but how social networking can help their business.

As of today, we've posted about twenty events at various dates and times (mornings, afternoons and evenings) to accomodate our users living in various time zones. We also plan to launch additional events for our overseas users by leveraging Skype's Conference capabilities.

The agenda of these 30-minute town hall style events include the following:
  1. Social Networking Overview (5 minutes)
  2. Fast Pitch! Overview (5 minutes)
  3. Questions & Answers (20 minutes)
Our hope is that users come prepared to ask specific questions about not only features within Fast Pitch! but also general questions about how social networking can help them grow their business. In addition to our current users, we look forward to discussions with people who are brand new to social networking for business or who may have experience with other networks and are interested in learning about the advantages of Fast Pitch!
To sign-up for an upcoming webinar visit:

Let the conversation begin...



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