Friday, September 05, 2008

Talking Points Memo...

Last week it seemed I spent a majority of my time on the phone and at events talking to an array of reporters, thought leaders and top networkers from around the world. The increased interest in Fast Pitch! was noticeably significant from weeks past and is an obvious result of the success people are having with our network to help them grow their business.

When speaking to people, it's rare that I ever use notes or visuals. Part of the reason for this is that I like to feed off of the audience (or an indivduals) verbal and non-verbal reaction to what I am saying. This tactic helps make presentations more conversational and quite frankly more interesting for me. More importantly, it allows me to treat each conversation as a focus group which ultimately helps us at Fast Pitch! better craft our own internal messaging within our network.

Despite my intent to make each of my 20+ conversations unique last week, there were a few common themes that were repeated which I feel are always worth reiterating. Some of the major talking points included:

  1. We COMPLIMENT other networks. Our approach to social/business networking is completely different from some of the more well-known networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. Yet, at the same time we compliment both very well by filling a void between socializing (FB) and job seeking (LI) by giving professionals who are looking to grow their business the ability to promote that business.

  2. Fast Pitch! is not in the NUMBERS business. One of the dirty little secrets amongst the larger networks is that a very large percentage of their users don't really exist. For example, how many of us have created an abbreviated profile on a network to see what's behind the curtain, only to never return? Do these larger networks delete the profile? No. Why? Because there's advertising value in those millions of abandoned / useless pages as people spend their valuable time searching and attempting to connect with people that do not really exist. Impressions = Money

    Unlike most of the larger networks, Fast Pitch! is not in the advertising business and therefore we are not interested in attracting faceless users and traffic for the sake of traffic. Our business model is based on subscriptions in return for the ability to connect with a far more engaged and qualified audience in addition to the 30+ features we offer to help you do marketing. To ensure our members are engaged, we regularly remind them to login and remain active. Those members who are not active are ultimately purged from our system, which in some cases may decrease our overall userbase from time to time. Ultimately, our goal with purging useless profiles is to elevate the overall experience people have when using our system.

  3. More FEATURES and INNOVATION. I've spoken at length about all of our features in the past... yet, it's worth repeating even to this day. No other network in the world offers as much value to it's users as Fast Pitch! Given our small size, lack of beuracracy and the talented team we've assembled, we're confident that we will remain at the forefront of technology.

  4. We're RECEPTIVE, NIMBLE and HUNGRY. Compared to larger networks, we're still a relatively small company and ALL of our employees have a stake in the success of our business. Additionally, we're privately funded and not beholden to investors or board members that have the potential to cripple our progress. In other words, we can turn on a dime and continue to innovate faster than most to ensure our members are receiving the most opportunity imaginable to promote their business.

  5. We truly CARE about your experience. Going back to talking point #4 (all of our employees have a stake in the success of our business) - EVERYONE here at Fast Pitch! (including management, development, etc...) look forward to spending time discussing your business. Most of our best features have come as a result of thousands of one-on-one conversations with users all over the world. Our motto: If your business grows, so will ours.

That's today's talking points memo...

Good Luck!



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