Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last week we rolled out our Facebook Application. The app allows our members the ability to promote their business and professional connections within the Facebook website without interfering with the inherently social theme of their Facebook profile. The decision to create the application was two-fold: 1). There has never been an easy way to promote your business on Facebook 2). None of the other online business networks quite frankly, have made the effort.

The Fast Pitch! - Facebook application gives our members the ability to not only link directly to their Fast Pitch! Profile, but also showcases all of their Fast Pitch! connections, press releases, micro blog feeds (i.e. Twitter) and more... all without having to leave the Facebook website. The primary obective of this initial version of the application is to give our members an effective way to...

leverage their personal network to help them grow their professional network

As most of you who read my blog on a regular basis know, I've been skeptical of using Facebook for promoting business. From day one, the Facebook experience has been designed as a social utility as evidenced by 99.99% of the successful applications being used throughout the network (bumper stickers, poking, photo sharing, etc...). Professionals need to be extra careful about who they connect to, what type of dialogue they are having, and what type of applications they download. The slightest mistake can have far reaching consequences for your business and your overall brand.
Because of this, the Fast Pitch! application has been designed (to this point), as a "one-way street". By this I mean, members of Fast Pitch! who have a Facebook Profile can promote their Fast Pitch! Profile on Facebook. However, Fast Pitch! will not highlight a members Facebook profile on their Fast Pitch! Profile. Our assumption is that most people in business will want to continue to shield their social life from their business life, but not neccessarily vice versa. In the future, we will most likely give our members the option.
Without an official launch or announcement (this is the announcement)... The Fast Pitch! - Facebook application has already been declared a success.
The application has already been installed by nearly 500 members in less than one week!

... and it was quickly accepted by Facebook as a featured application within 72 hours.
Our hope is to continue to grow the application and explore additional ways in which we can leverage the Facebook community and offer non-Fast Pitch! members an outlet to express their professional side without abandoning all of the fun!

Good Luck!



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I added this application... awesome! best business app on facebook. I love that it shows all my professional content.

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