Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bob's List

Over six months ago we discussed the idea of adding a new 'Classifieds' section to Fast Pitch! Last Thursday, we officially launched it. During those six months while we debated whether we wanted the website to head in that direction, one of our employees (Bob Poole - Director of Client Relations) was adamant about adding the feature. Almost daily, Bob could be heard asking the guys on the development team...
  • "What about Classifieds?"
  • "Where are we at with 'Marketplace' (a phrase used interchangably to describe what is now Classifieds)?"

  • "You know... people are asking for it. We really need Classifieds."

  • I really think a Classified section would add more value for our members."
And on and on...

Well, I'm happy to report... After six agonizing months, Bob finally got his wish.
Classifieds officially launched on Thursday, and much to his delight, we received well over 400 classified postings within the first 24 hours. Because of the success, those of us around the office have already coined the phrase 'Bob's List' to describe the new feature (a play on the ultimate classified destination 'Craig's List').
Our hope is to once again create more value for our members by allowing them yet another way to post content that will ultimately help them make connections and drive new business to their doorstep. Initially, Classifieds is a free service to anyone who has a profile with Fast Pitch! Members can now post as many classifieds as they wish within a variety of categories ranging from Job Postings to Discount Opportunities, to Business Services. Each classified is posted on our new searchable classified section as well as each members profile.
As with most features found on Fast Pitch!, each member has the opportunity to increase their classifieds exposure by becoming a Premium Member and/or purchasing stars to increase ranking. Also, unlike other classified services, Fast Pitch! will post your classified FOREVER - thus giving you the ultimate exposure. We will also optimize Premium Member ads and submit them to the major search engines (Google Base, Yahoo!, etc.).
Take a moment and post a classified: http://www.fastpitchnetworking.com/classifieds It takes only a couple of minutes and will offer you another way to promote.
Oh, and be sure to thank Bob in Client Relations the next time you call!

Good Luck.