Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Shameless Plug

During our monthly marketing meeting a few weeks ago, a consensus quickly formed among all of our employees.

We offer more value to business professionals than any other social network on the planet!

At first I thought, 'maybe we're all just drinking the same Kool-Aid'... but, after taking another look at the updated comparison chart - comparing Fast Pitch! to some of the other online social networks - I had to agree. Here's why:

  1. Facebook - I still see very little value in promoting my business on Facebook. Despite boasting of thousands of applications being added to the platform and 50 million users, the Facebook experience is in my opinion TRIVIAL - as evidenced by the inability for the company to come up with a single application that helps me market my business. Networking on the website is even difficult. Case in point - within 10 minutes of trying to reach out to a handful of people, Facebook shut down my account! (they evenutally turned it back on - but not after an intern chasitsed me for attempting to make too many connections). Shocking.
  2. Largest U.S. based business network - Maybe I'm missing something here but, if I'm not looking for a job - where's the value? $50 per mo. to make 10 direct connections? For less than $50 you can make unlimited connections on Fast Pitch! (something you also cannot do on Facebook). Obviously some of the larger networks are less interested in 'networking' as much as they are in competing with and using your clicks (and time) to sell expensive ads.
  3. Xing - I must admit, of all the networks - Germany based comes the closest to competing with Fast Pitch! on functionality. Although, as you can see from the comparison chart - they also trail Fast Pitch! in terms of the number of features available to help you promote your business... and of those they offer that Fast Pitch! currently does not (job postings / marketplace) - we can incorporate into our platform within a matter of minutes (it's being tossed around).
  4. Myspace - For business? Let's get serious...
  5. PR Web - Obviously not a social network, but a pseudo competitor nonetheless (we offer our own press service through Fast Pitch! Press). Bottom line - because our service is built on an audience (our members) we allow our users to eliminate the middle man and send directly to their target audience. For most people, PR Web is a 'shot in the dark' approach. See how we compare to PR Web >>
I could go on... there are a number of other networks out there. Some more compelling than others - but lacking in certain areas (lack of users, etc...).

Clearly, Fast Pitch! is raising the bar by creating more opportunities for professionals to connect and market their business... and we're only just getting started!