Friday, September 28, 2007

Word of Mouth - The Fastest Way To Grow

During a recent meeting of the minds here at Fast Pitch!, our marketing director discussed some statistics surrounding our members such as: How they heard about us, where they are located, what they do, etc... I thought I would share some of the findings with the public.

How Did You Hear About Us?

Every person that creates a Fast Pitch! Profile is asked how they heard about us. We provide about 15 different options to choose from ranging from 'Heard from a Friend' to 'Search Engine' to 'Press Release'... As you can see from the graph below, Word-Of-Mouth is far and away how people learn about us (nearly 58%). Not surprising that a social network would grow because of well. . . social networking!

Search Engines (primarily Google) came in second at 22% while Press Releases came in third at 17% This too, was expected. Fast Pitch! optimizes every member profile and most press releases to help our members increase their exposure across the Internet. The more content you create, the more visibility you receive EVERYWHERE. Our SEO is obviously working. A combined 38% of you are finding us through. . .well. . . you!

On a side note: What was really interesting about the findings is the amount of traffic we are starting to see from other networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. Almost 10% in recent weeks. That's a good sign!

Where Are Fast Pitch! Members From?

We're often asked about the geographical breakdown of our members. No real surprise here... Being a United States based company, one would expect most of our members would be from the U.S. What is interesting however, is the footprint we've established in California. The reason that is surprising to me is ... We're based in Florida - much of the press, events, and exposure we have received to this point has been local or limited to the East Coast. Very few of the web 2.0 publications and blogs that come out of The Valley have acknowledged us. Despite this lack of exposure, we're breaking through the noise!

As expected, most of the larger U.S. states are well represented (New York, Texas, Illinois, etc.). On a side note: Georgia and North Carolina have shown a nice increase in recent weeks as our Titanium Members (Lee Kantor of and David Williams of have done an exceptional job of spreading the word throughout their respective regions.

Finally, another plesant surprise is the amount of activity we're seeing out of Europe and Canada where almost 10% of our members now originate. Less than six months ago, our market penetration outside the U.S. was less than 3%. To all our foreign members, Thank You! for helping to spread the word about Fast Pitch!


Anonymous Basket_Queen said...


I am very happy to hear that the word is getting out there (of course, I'm finding that some of my competition has also heard, but that is to be expected)!

I have made quite a few connections, but it's not just making the connections; just like any network, it's netWORK, not netTALK, etc.

Just having the FastPitch! Logo in my email signature line has actually resulted in my obtaining several new accounts; an individual who may not necessarily have visited my website or responded to my email on its own have actually CALLED me to ask me about FastPitch, and I was able to procure these corporate accounts as a result of their phone call(s).

I have also been able to secure several strategic alliances that I would not otherwise have known about without FastPitch.

I was hesitant at first to join FastPitch, as I am not into the social networking scene, but I see the tremendous potential to help my business and "get the word out" about my business.

I've written several articles regarding gifting and why companies should have a gifting program. My article on "Giftophobia" was automatically submitted by FastPitch to Google, and it is now on over 100 different websites that I would not have been able to find myself.

I will continue to use FastPitch and HIGHLY recommend it to others (even my competition) :-)

Thank you.

7:41 PM  

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