Thursday, September 06, 2007

1000 Connections in 100 Seconds

If only it were that easy!

Well, it almost is...

As you probably realize by now, social (business) networking websites like Fast Pitch! are improving the efficiency with which professionals are able to grow their network. Making connections online through personal introductions and sharing content gives you the opportunity to come in contact with more people than ever before.

One of our members recently reached a milestone of sorts, having made his 1,000th connection in just 12 short months. The milestone got me thinking about what it means to have 1,000 connections and how large of a network that really is.

For fun, I decided to create a video montage (below) of 1,000 of our members to provide everyone with a visual representation of what it means to be connected to that many people. All of the images are Fast Pitch! members chosen at random. After watching the video a couple of times, I've begun to realize how impressive a network of that size really is.

Take a moment to view the video. If you are already a Fast Pitch! member, see if you are able to locate your picture. Don't blink!



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