Saturday, June 02, 2007

Titanium Membership

Looking for a Few Good Networkers...

Fast Pitch! has officially come full circle. As many of you who were around in the early days know (dating back to 2003), we were primarily an event-based networking company. During those first few years, as we facilitated hundreds of events across the United States we began working on our plans to transition our networking concept to the Internet world. It was our belief at the time, that the positive experiences people were experiencing at our events would help us grow in cyberspace faster than most. It appears we were right.

Over the past 9 months, we've managed to not only grow our network 10x larger than when we launched, but also establish ourselves as a significant force in the social networking world. What's kept us unique is our ability to translate what we used to do in the offline world (events) to the online world (social networking) and vice versa.

Wait a minute... Vice Versa? Events are back?

Well, sort of.

One of the key components to online networking that has always been missing is the ability to effectively bring people together in the 'real' world. Part of the reason for this is that offline events are, quite frankly a difficult business to be in while you're trying to grow an online community. Organizing and marketing effective events that bring people together in an efficient manner takes resources and people with a strong local presence.

For this reason, we've created Titanium Membership.

Titanium Membership creates a win-win opportunity for Fast Pitch!, Fast Pitch! members, and most importantly the avid networker who is looking for a way to promote himself/herself by leveraging the Fast Pitch! brand and platform. Titanium Members help bridge the gap between online networking and offline networking by organizing events at the local level to bring Fast Pitch! members together to network in-person. Quite frankly,
Titanium Membership is the most attractive business networking opportunity ever created.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Become the exclusive Titanium Member in your territory.
  • Facilitate events for Fast Pitch! members and other professionals while driving new customers to your business.
  • Get introduced to every Fast Pitch! member in your territory.
  • Get unprecedented exposure to every business in your region as they login to Fast Pitch
  • Get a Feature listing on the Fast Pitch! across the entire network including profile searches, press, blogs and more.
  • Marketing support from Fast Pitch! to help you grow your network.
  • Receive Unlimited credits to make new connections.
  • Free Banner Advertising (25,000 impressions per month).
  • See Who Clicks on Your Profile, Ad, Press, etc...
  • $299 per month (w/ opportunity for reimbursement and possible revenue based on activity)
    And More...

Titanium Membership is not for everyone and not everyone who applies will be selected. As of the time of this post we have Titanium Members in CT, FL, NC, CA, WI, and NY. If you are an avid networker with an interest in connecting people and leveraging Fast Pitch! to channel people to your business, give us a call (941-556-0381). We can discuss the opportunity in more detail and determine if you are a good fit to become the face of Fast Pitch! in your region. Or, visit our Titanium Membership Information Page.

In the meantime, take a moment and connect with some of our current Titanium Members. Each of them are eager to discuss opportuities in your region as well as help you connect to other members on the network. In just two short weeks you'll see... We've already found a few good networkers!


Good Luck!