Monday, January 29, 2007

Strike a Match!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day... I thought I'd take a moment to discuss the Fast Pitch! version of matchmaking. I'm always surprised at how many people fail to understand not only how our matching system works, but how powerful and useful it can be for their business.

You've all seen those commercials for eHarmony right? They're the company that has people complete a personal profile in order to match them up with an ideal mate. Part of their tagline is 'no need to search'. In other words, they've built a system that allows you to focus your energy on people you are more likely to have something in common with. Through this sophisticated system, they've clearly differentiated themselves from their competition.

In this regard, Fast Pitch! is not too different. We've designed a system that matches companies based on the likelihood that they'll do business. In this sense, we too can apply the 'no need to search' tagline to our business as we help professionals around the world cut to the chase and quickly identify quality leads. The fact that our leads are never-ending make Fast Pitch an even more compelling business model as well as our users become more and more devoted to our system each time they make a quality connection.

Here's How It Works:

As each person creates a profile in our system they are required to outline not only what they do (i.e. industry type), but also identify the types of customers and business partners they are looking to connect with. Additionally, we ask everyone in the spirit of networking, to reveal what major purchase(s) they plan to make over the next few months.

Our system then analyzes all of the other profiles in the network and creates a customized list of 'matches' for each person on the network. This list is updated every second as new profiles are added to the system, which gives our members an unlimited number of new leads for as long as they remain active on the Fast Pitch website.

Email alerts are also sent to notify you each time a new member joins that matches your profile. This is extremely powerful, as it gives you the ability to reach out to people who are very likely to have an interest in what you have to offer in a timely manner. Finally, our new Fast Pitch Maps tool also provides you with a visual representation of members that match your profile by region.

So, the next time you receive one of our automated 'Match' email alerts, take a moment to reach out to that person. Chances are, there's a high likelihood that you will strike a match!

Good Luck!