Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm often asked by people, "what makes Fast Pitch different than other online business websites." It's a good question, as there are a number of companies that connect people in a variety of ways. The differences however, are quite clear.

  1. Fast Pitch Profiles are COMPANY CENTRIC.
    When you create a Fast Pitch Profile, you'll quickly realize the information being captured is not so much about you as it is about your company and what makes it different. Knowing information about you is secondary to your prospective customers and partners. What they really want to know in the beginning is, is there an opportunity to do business?

  2. Fast Pitch Connects People Based on WHAT THEY BUY AND SELL.
    Whereas other websites connect you to people based on who you know, our suggestive technology takes information found on your profile and matches it to what others are looking for. It's called 'Intelligent Networking'. You tell us what types of businesses you typically sell into or partner with and we'll match you up. To put it in simple terms, we've been dubbed the 'eHarmony for Business'.

  3. Fast Pitch is transparent and allows you to OWN YOUR LEADS.
    When you come across a person in our system you wish to contact, you can view their contact information (email, phone, address, etc...) and contact them as often as you would like. We're all adults here. There's really no reason to hide everything from you is there?

  4. Fast Pitch is incredibly INNOVATIVE.
    What can I say? We were the first company to nationalize the concept of speed networking. We are the only company offering web-cast style speed networking events. We're the only company giving business professionals the tools they need to market themselves on the web effectively (see #5).

  5. Fast Pitch is dedicated to helping you MARKET YOUR BUSINESS.
    We optimize your profile so 3,000+ search engines can find you, we create and submit a Google Ad for you, we syndicate your press releases, we let you advertise on our website for free, and more... As you'll see when you log in to Fast Pitch, your management console is dedicated to giving you up-to-date marketing information and ways in which to promote your business.

  6. Fast Pitch is SERIOUS.
    Our website and our events are no-nonsense. You won't find off-topic forums, and MLM'ers dominating the airwaves on Fast Pitch. Our user base is technologically savvy and is interested in 'cutting to the chase' and finding new opportunities. . . Fast!

  7. Fast Pitch Provides an INTERACTIVE PROFILE.
    We allow you to upload your logo, a headshot, your own audio pitch, and now a video pitch to your profile, while maintaining consistent formatting. Additionally, you can post your press releases.

  8. Fast Pitch is a NO-BRAINER for Anyone Involved in Business.
    $14.95 per month gets you leads, exposure, advertising, and more. For what you probably spend at Starbucks in a week (maybe a day for some of you), you get all of this: CLICK HERE (take a look!)

  9. Fast Pitch is ORGANIZED.
    Or so we've been told. The site is easy to navigate. We call people back (yes, we do give out our phone number... here it is in case you need it (941) 730-1793), and we're always accepting of new ideas.

  10. Fast Pitch is PROVEN.
    Over 1.5 million introductions have been made using Fast Pitch. Countless testimonials have poured in over the years about people who have closed big deals as a result of their efforts with Fast Pitch. There's a reason that after moving online we're already regarded as one of the Top 5 business networking websites in the world.

In my first post I promised I would keep these blogs short and to the point. I guess I lied... there's just so many reasons why we're different.



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