Monday, October 23, 2006


As founder of Fast Pitch, I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness over 6,000 people make nearly 200,000 'pitches' since 2003. After listening to so many people make their 'pitch', I've become adept at scanning a room and separating the 'contenders' from the 'pretenders'.

Sometimes I'm able to do it within seconds. Surprisingly enough, it’s not the “expert networker” who has been taught how to speak, sit, and dress, but rather the person who is simply confident and more importantly authentic. For the record, I'm batting .900 on my ability to pick the winners :)

When meeting people for the first-time, it's true what they say "you have a few minutes (maybe seconds) to make a good, first impression." This impression will often make or break your chance to do business not only with the person you meet but also everyone else within that persons center of influence. With so much at stake, in such a short amount of time, can you really afford to be anything but yourself? Does it really pay to put on an act?

In my opinion, the people who succeed at networking are the people who are GENUINE. They are the people who regardless of what they sell, how they look, and who they claim to know are successful because they are themselves. Nothing more. So, BE YOURSELF and in the process you'll sell yourself (and your product or service) without really having to try so hard. Best of Luck!



Anonymous Joel L said...

I am continually impressed by your website, and you work like me...something new added all the time.
keep it up!
Joel Libava
aka Franpro- Cleveland, Ohio

12:10 PM  

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